October 7, 2019

Case Study: A Cost Effective Cable Railing Solution

Cable railing is known for its luxury look, and often times, it’s luxury price tag. With our cable railing infill for wood posts, you don’t need to break your budget with pricy end and intermediate posts. We designed this system to be used with any kind of drillable posts, from IPE to Cedar. 

Customer Zach from central Pennsylvania was building a home on a budget, but was interested in the look of cable railing. He decided to use our Design Series cable railing infill for wood posts. 

Zach purchased 4″x4″ pine deck posts and vinyl sleeves from a local supplier for this project. Vinyl and pine can easily be drilled through, making them perfectly compatible with our infill system.

With our wood system, installers have the option of seating the fittings into the posts as deep as they wish. We always recommend a drill stop on a ½” brad point and use of our drill guide to get perfectly symmetrical holes every time.


Take a look at our installation video to see how this system was installed: Designer Series Self-Grip Install

Unexpected Issues

After installing a few runs of the wire rope infill, the installer ran into a problem which they did not anticipate. Because the railing posts were mounted to the deck with only 2 wood screws, the end posts started to bow inwards as the cables were tensioned. The solution to the problem was to untension the cables and mount the posts to the frame of the deck with lag bolts (as they originally should have been). This prevented the posts from bowing in once the cables were once again tensioned.  

Despite the small snag in installation, the system turned out beautiful. The homeowner reported back that out of all the design elements of his new home, the cable railing receives the most compliments. 

Finished cable railing system with vinyl posts

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