Cable railing with stainless steel posts
October 21, 2019

Project Insight: The Owners’ Deck Remodel

The owner of Paralux Cable Systems, Dan Smitchko, recently remodeled his deck. Naturally, he decided to incorporate his very own cable railing.

Dan and his Wife have lived in there current home for over 20 years. Last year, they decided to do some remodeling to their home, with the deck portion being the final step.

Dan’s deck consisted of pine decking, pickets and posts, which is a very traditional style deck in the northeast. Over the years, the pine had warped from the harsh winter and temperature fluctuations.

Dan did some research and decided on Bingman Lumbers’ Americana thermally modified wood for his decking and handrail. This wood is extremely low maintenance and can truly withstand the test of time. We highly recommend their products!

The next question came down to what type of posts to use: wood or metal. Dan ultimately decided to go with stainless steel 2″x2″ posts and our stainless intermediate pickets.

Bingman Americana Decking in Ash
Up close view of the Americana thermally modified decking

The trickiest part to any projects that include stairs are the angles at which the holes are drilled into the posts as well as cable spacing. We oftentimes request drawings of a customers’ project so that we can ensure we get them the proper posts.

The results were fantastic and you can see what a difference this remodel made to Dan’s home.

Check out the video below to see drone footage of the final result!

As always. if you have any question or comments, feel free to reach out!

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